I've been meaning to email you for months. So now I'm doing it. I cannot tell you what a difference your Women's weekend retreat [Gulf States Conference] did for me and my family. I took what you said and applied it. It is so powerful! I now do everything I can to express myself with positive messages.

My children are being empowered. Even my 6-year-old son is on the bandwagon. He can repeat the "tell your children to keep their hand away from the stove" story like an old pro. When the students say "I'm bad" I correct them and have them repeat, "I made a mistake; I can learn from it." I'm even on a crusade to eliminate pejoratives from the academy.

Our lives have really turned around. My husband and I completed the BTSA. That, too, has made a difference. My husband, as teacher, allows himself to get out of frontal left/basal left and puts himself in his "right" brain." His teaching is so much more effective. The self-discovery is so freeing. We can now can say to each other, "You're working in your left brain, of course you're tired and grumpy.

Kim Cove, Faculty Member, Bass Academy
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