On February 8 and 9, many people were audience for two powerful presentations by Dr. Arlene Taylor. She told the audience that she doesn't often travel to snowy climates in winter to speak, but because of the hard work and dedication of Kathy Pflugrad and Kim Suekert she made an exception. Thank you!

Saturday afternoon the topic was Your Brain/Body Communication, What You Don't Know Can Kill You! Taylor pointed out that everything we do, think, or say is a health-relevant behavior. It impacts our brain/body communication toward health or toward the opposite state. It effects our level of success, state of wellness, and potential longevity.

The presentation on Sunday, Understanding Gender Differences, was attended by people of all ages and influenced everyone who was there! Even the young people in the audience were listening and participating in the discussion.

—Debra L. Matthew, Petoskey, Michigan
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