You have some fans here on this planet! I recently purchased an audio set of your original animal allegories (Adventures of the Jungle Bully and other Legends) at the hospital gift shop. We listened to some of your stories in the car on the way to Healdsburg. They are incredibly lovely! Even my husband was enthralled!

Since that trip, I have found myself needing to take several trips in the car, either to the grocery store, to the hardware store, or back again for more groceries. Each time I find that little Michael (age five) is eager to accompany me. We listen to your stories on the way and, upon completion of each trip, often find ourselves sitting in the car until the end of a story. This afternoon, I came upon Michael, happily installed on the couch with a Walkman he had borrowed from Jamie, my eldest child. I had no doubt about what he was listening to with such rapt attention. He's your #1 fan!

—Sally Holiday-Taylor, St. Helena, California
(Medical-Staff Department Administrative Secretary, homemaker, mother, wife)