Taylor's Brain Program had an immediate and powerful impact upon my life. I had practiced Homeopathic medicine and psychotherapy in Palos Verdes, California for the past ten years. The information that Dr. Taylor so magically presents regarding innate brain giftedness, provides you with awareness as well as tools for changing your life.

If it’s a better life you need, it will be improved by her seminars. If you have a great life, her seminars will improve that, also. I am now viewing my family and friends in a more evolved and peaceful light. Taylor has identified and unleashed another of my passions in my search for the truth of my life. Thanks and praise for her accomplishments that have allowed her to design and present the most unique seminar I have ever attended.

Dr. Sherry Greenberg, P O Box 214, Palos Verdes Estates, California 90274
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