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Your brain is your greatest resource! Use it by design to help you learn how to stay healthier and younger for longer!

—Arlene R. Taylor PhD

Winter 2017
Taylor-on-the-Brain Bulletin

New Article

ArleneDealing with individuals who say negative things to you—comments sometimes being downright rude or unkind—is always a challenge and likely will be for our entire sojourn on this planet. Those types of people tend to have a habit of negative and unkind self-talk and it spills over when they speak with others, as people tend to communicate with others in the style they use with themselves. It can be rather humorous when you come right down to it, if you are healthy enough not to take the comments personally. Here is a story from my school-nursing years. I hope you enjoy Clothing Dries. 

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YouTube Channel

The webmaster has created "Taylor on the Brain" YouTube channel for seminar presentations that have been recorded by hosts in locations around the world. The direct URL is www.youtube.com/user/braingurutaylor although you may also access it from the website home page. You can subscribe to this channel to be notified when new videos are uploaded.

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Brain Talk Q&As

The webmaster has created a "Brain Talk" YouTube channel, as well, for Q&As. The direct URL is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrGmPCpXP0pInonoGnUY3Cg although you may also access it from Taylor's website home page. You can subscribe to this channel to be notified when new videos are uploaded.

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Taylor's Blog

blogspotFollow Taylor’s weekday blog and stimulate your brain while learning more brain bits. Access Taylor’s blog from the website homepage (www.arlenetaylor.org), have it sent directly to your email, or access it from her Facebook page (Arlene R. Taylor PhD Brain Function Specialist).

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Avocados. A marvelous fruit! Along with dark chocolate they contain Phenylethylamine, or PEA, in addition to some very healthy forms of fat. Since responses to these types of questions are not really recipes, per se, Taylor has added “Miscellaneous Tips” to the recipe section. Check that out for suggestions on how to use unripe avocadoes and for ways to speed up the ripening process. You also might enjoy the recipe for Virtual Pizza, a plant-based option that is very tasty.

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Seminar & Speaking Opportunities

seminarsFlo Lowe RN and David H. Lowe MD are hosting the 12-week brain-based Longevity Lifestyle Matters program in the Camarillo, California area beginning Thursday evening March 10, 2017. Dr. Taylor expects to be present at the opening session. 15 hours of CA BRN CE Credit for nurses are available for attending the program. For additional information and to register, contact Dr. Lowe at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The Longevity Lifestyle Matters program in Manila opens in February 2017. For more information and to register, contact Abraham Carpena: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Brain Aerobic Exercises

puzzleAre you spending a minimum of 30 minutes a day age-proofing your brain with brain aerobic exercises or other challenging mental activity? Check out the hundreds of aerobic exercises on Taylor's website. They’re free, along with the articles, practical applications, mini-monographs, Q&As, brain references, assessments, and more…

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Questions & Answers

questionQ. I enjoyed your PowerPoint® presentation about the tsunami of romantic love. Being totally in love with another human being, I know what that feels like—it’s beyond wonderful. Here’s my dilemma: this individual doesn’t seem to love me back. I’ve tried everything I can think of and I sense a moderate friendship response but no love in return. What is the formula to make this brain love me? Answer...

Q. I have read the research that the majority of those who lose weight, especially from dieting, typically gain it all back in 2-3 years and often more than they lost. Okay, I’ve not only read the study abstracts but also have lived this type of weight yo-yo existence for years—although I don’t understand it. Answer...

Q. My grandson was introduced to the use of marijuana by classmates of his in the eighth grade. That was nearly five years ago. He continues to use pot quite regularly and I am noticing a decided lack of motivation. For example, he often skips school and rarely comes with his parents to family gatherings, preferring to smoke in his room recreationally or with friends. When I have asked him about this, his response is, “Well, Steve Jobs used psychedelic drugs and look what he accomplished.” I feel like my grandson’s life is unraveling and I am powerless to stop it. Answer...

Q. The holidays were a total bust as usual. There’s always a lot of conflict—I’ve learned to expect it—with family members picking on each other and bringing up all the sad stuff that’s happened throughout our lives. It doesn’t help that my name is Holly! If I could afford it, I’d take myself on a cruise over the holidays next year. Answer...

Q. I perceive I’m being taken advantage of by a CEO and part-time romantic relationship who travels a lot. Recently I identified an untruth in one of our conversations. What type of a brain tells a bare-faced lie and expects to get away with it? And how do I deal with this? I really love this person. Answer...

Q. My nephew, Rolly, appears to have a right-brain energy advantage and is struggling in school. How do I help a right-brainer learn? Sometimes he seems not to even want to try for fear he won’t look smart. Any ideas? Answer...

Q. My husband’s hearing is deteriorating and yet he refuses to even be evaluated for a hearing aid. His point seems to be, “I can hear as much as I want or need to hear.” Is there anything I can tell him to encourage him to at least explore assistive hearing devices? Answer...

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Longevity Lifestyle Matters


The website www.LLM.life is up and running. It contains additional resources and, of course, a special section for all LLM Certified Facilitators.

You may follow the LLM program in your own home using the textbook, companion notebook, and audiobook; and you may also become a LLM Certified Facilitator, which authorizes you to present the12-week brain-based program in your community, school, church, or organization. 

Link to www.LongevityLifestyleMatters.com

Point to Ponder

deep thoughtA person's health isn't generally a reflection of genes, but how their environment is influencing them. Genes are the direct cause of less than 1% of diseases: 99% is how we respond to the world. The implication is that this basic idea we have that we are controlled by our genes is false. It's an idea that turns us into victims. I'm saying we are the creators of our situation. The genes are merely the blueprints. We are the contractors, and we can adjust those blueprints, and we can even rewrite them. Genes are not destiny! The moment you change your perception is the moment you rewrite the chemistry of your body. 

—Bruce Lipton PhD

This sums up the reason for the brain-based 12-week Longevity Lifestyle Matters program. Since everything begins in the brain, your level of health involves mindset and self-talk, both of which impact your perception and are, in turn, impacted by your perception. It’s really quite simple.


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