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Your brain is your greatest resource! Use it by design to help you learn how to stay healthier and younger for longer!

—Arlene R. Taylor PhD

Spring 2016

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New Article

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After presenting the seminar, Physiology of Forgiveness – Can You Afford to be Unforgiving? and its follow up, Physiology of Forgiveness – Revisited, several times in different venues around the world, I’ve received multiple requests to put the information into a mini-monograph so it could be printed off and read at leisure. Here it is: To Forgive or Not to Forgive - A Mini-monograph.

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Longevity Lifestyle Matters – Description

Longevity Lifestyle Matters is a brain-based program, one of the first of its kind. It is not about dieting—within the space of about three years most people gain back all they lost and more. Neither is it about deprivation, which can lead to bingeing. Nor is it about a negative mindset. That can lead to failure. And it is not about over-exercising or compulsively counting calories, which can lead to discouragement and depression. Rather, it embraces the exponential power of science working hand-in-glove with the brain and body.

Slow and steady wins. Not a short term fix, the researched components are designed to be implemented in balance, since the brain and body work best in balance. Each ties back to the brain in some way, because everything starts in the brain. And because every brain is different, each implements the principles in a way that will work for it for the rest of the person’s life—to help reduce risks for multiple diseases and chronic conditions and increase the potential for living healthier and younger for longer. A longevity lifestyle matters. (www.LongevityLifestyleMatters.com)  

You can follow the program in your own home using the textbook, companion notebook, and audiobook and/or you can become a LLM Certified Facilitator, which authorizes you to present the12-week program in your community, school, church, or organization.

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New Books

Taylor and Briggs have finished the children's book Adventures of the Longevity Mystery Club, part of the brain-based Longevity Lifestyle Matters series. Designed to help children learn information about health and longevity early in life through stories, it is also available as an audiobook.
Chronicles of the Jungle King, Chronicles of the Littlest Dolphin, and Chronicles of the Alabaster Owl are available in hard copy. (Taylor is in the process of recording them to be available in CD and MP3 formats.) Age-Proofing Your Brain, 2nd Edition, is also available in hard copy and as an audiobook.

Hard copies and audiobooks (CD and MP3) are available from the distributor. http://pacifichealth.org/store/. Hard copies are also available at Amazon.com.

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Taylor's Blog

blogFollow Taylor’s weekday blog and stimulate your brain while learning more brain bits. Access Taylor’s daily blog from:

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Seminar Opportunities

seminarsCheck Taylor’s speaking schedule on her website to find out about selected speaking appointments. Contact her directly by email to schedule a seminar in your area: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Brain Aerobic Exercises

Check out the hundreds of brain aerobic exercises on Taylor's website. They’re free, along with the articles and mini-monographs, Practical Applications, Q&As, Brain References, Free Assessments, and so on.

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Questions & Answers

Q. I have heard you talk about “cellular memory” and organ transplants. Do the neurons in a transplanted organ retain their cellular memory and still put out the same electromagnetic frequency as when in the body of the donor? And, if so, how long will that last? Answer...

Q. I heard about your new Gender Chromosome Patterns illustration. I can’t find a copy of it and which patterns are for “straight” versus “non-straight” brains? Answer...

Q.  Recently I heard the acronym CTE. I have heard about TBI or Traumatic Brain Injury but not CTE. What is it? Answer...

Q. Can you give me any benefits for taking time every day to meditate? I’m a busy person! Answer...

Q. What is this Relaxation Response I keep hearing about? Answer...

Q. I once heard you say something to the effect that “The brain and the immune system have their hands so deeply shoved into each other’s pockets that it’s hard to tell which is which.” I loved that metaphor. Is there any new research about that close connection? Answer...

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Point to Ponder

All disease starts in the gut.  ―Hippocrates (5th Century BCE)

I continue to wonder how individuals such as Hippocrates and Galen figured out or hypothesized some of the information attributed to them—since some of it is just now being verified. Hippocrates, sometimes referred to as the Father of Modern Medicine, may be better known for creating the “oath” that is taken by medical students to “do no harm” when they graduate with a degree in medicine. But apparently he believed that disease begins in the gastrointestinal system. He may be correct. Turns out that research has discovered that your gastrointestinal tract is filled with neurons, maybe as many as are in your brain, which means that you “think” with your gut. These GI neurons communicate with brain neurons (and probably heart neurons) constantly. Many diseases and illnesses are believed to have a “mind component” related to the way that specific brain thinks. Since everything starts in the brain, mindset and self-talk and thoughts are all critical to health. Some are now referring to Irritable Bowel Syndrome as an “Enteric Neuropathy.” Enteric referring to the GI tract or gut, and neuropathy indicating that the neurons are not working properly. Interesting.

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