You can only 'parent' what you know  . . .

Effective parenting, while one of the most valuable gifts a developing brain can receives, often seems both nebulous and challenging. You can only teach what you know. Moreover, there is no standardized “Parenting 101” manual that includes clear guidelines on how to deal effectively with each unique brain. Most people parent the way they were parented or 180 degrees different--and 180 from dysfunctional is still dysfunctional (if that was the case). Because of brain imaging studies, brain-function information is available that can form a solid foundational construct for how to parent more effectively. And the same information can be utilized to help adults evaluate their habitual behaviors and make more effective choices that may serve as a more desirable model for children.


This seminar is designed to provide brain-function information that is key to developing effective parenting skills. It includes conclusions from a variety of studies presented in easy-to-understand language along with tips for more effective parenting, including:

  • Impact of mirror neurons
  • Programming language of the subconscious
  • Gender bilinguality
  • Brain's internal pharmacy
  • The importance of role modeling


This seminar can be presented in two 50-minute segments.


People who are interested in enhancing their parenting skills.


Upon completion of the seminar, participants should be able to:

  • Define “parenting” and “reparenting”
  • Briefly explain the concept of mirror neurons
  • State the correlation between role modeling and mirror neurons
  • List two benefits of becoming gender bilingual
  • Describe the programming language of the subconscious

Presented by Arlene R. Taylor PhD
Brain Function Specialist, Realizations Inc