For years human beings have argued in favor of prayer or against it, in favor of meditation or against it. To individuals affiliated with religion, prayer is often perceived as a 'given.' To others prayer may be viewed with great skepticism, embraced as part of a personal spiritual journey, or simply ignored. Is there any evidence that prayer has any power? Absolutely! Hundreds of research studies now show that people can reap tremendous physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits through prayer—a form of meditation. You may also reap benefits from the prayers of others on your behalf.


This seminar is designed to present some of the benefits that have been shown to accrue through prayer. As with forgiveness, the pracice of prayer and active contemplative mediation may benefit the 'doer' the most. Brain scans have shown how prayer and meditation impact the brain. Prayer can relieve stress, strengthen the frontal lobes, deactive portions, and even promote longevity.


Two 45-minute segments (or one abbreviated segment).


Audiences that are interested in understanding more about prayer, a form of meditation and the health benefits that can accrue not only to those doing the praying but also to the recipients of the prayers (based on research studies).


At the conclusion of the seminar, participants should be able to:

  • Define prayer
  • List the six types of prayer and indicate the type that appears to offer the most benefits
  • State three benefits that can be derived from prayer
Arlene TaylorPresented by Arlene R. Taylor PhD
Brain Function Specialist, Realizations Inc