Three types of naturally-occurring brains—all valuable but each very different!

Many individuals have a stereotypical perception of the differences between the extroverted brain and the introverted brain and don't even know about the ambiverted brain. These three brain types fall along an EAI Continuum (extrovert, ambivert, introvert), with Extroversion and Introversion representing the extremes at each end and Ambiversion occupying the central portion. All are equally valuable and contribute strengths that are needed for a variety of endeavors on this planet.


This seminar is designed to share information from a variety of researchers to help you better understand three brain types: extrovert, ambivert, and introvert. Some describe the extrovert as a party animal and explain the introvert as a wall flower—and many have never even heard about the ambiverted brain, the type believed to predominate among the general population. It also addresses ADHD from the perspective of extroversion and includes information on the genetic links discovered among five conditions, one of which is ADHD.


This seminar can be presented in 50 minutes.


Individuals who want to learn more about Extroversion, Ambiversion, and Introversion and potential connections between the extroverted brain and ADHD.


After having completed the seminar, participants should be able to:

  • Explain two major differences of Extroversion, Ambiversion, and Introversion
  • State estimated incidence of each brain type in the general population
  • List the primary giftedness of Extroverted and Ambiverted brains

Presented by Arlene R. Taylor PhD
Brain Function Specialist, Realizations Inc