There are many ways in which to communicate although people typically think primarily of words, written and spoken. The brain communicates with itself as well as with the body, although much less is known about that communication.


communication mysteriesThis seminar is designed to highlight communication among neurons, inside and outside the brain and even between neurons in other brains and bodies. (Have you ever met someone and sensed immediate comfort or discomfort?) It describes the close connection among neurons in the brain and in other organs such as the heart and in your second brain. Knowing something about this emerging information can help you make more informed decisions about your own thinking and health—and it can help to explain some familiar phrases (e.g., heartache, on the same wave length) as well as the connection between what’s going on in your neurons and the symptoms you experience in digestion. 


Approximately 50 minutes


Audiences who are interested in ways in which humans (and other creatures) are able to communicate outside the use of words.


Upon completion of the seminar, participants should be able to:

  • State four areas in brain and body that contain neurons
  • Provide a brief description of pheromones and their role
  • Describe the impact of electromagnetic energy
  • Identify ways in which this information can enhance communication, personally and/or professionally

Presented by Arlene R. Taylor PhD
Brain Function Specialist, Realizations Inc