Embracing a larger perspective can help minimize conflict

The concept of 'Unity in Diversity' is an oxymomron that refers to the state of being united and of being different at the same time. Human beings often give lip service to this concept. When it comes to practical applications, however, many tend to drop the ball or miss the boat altogether. This can be especially problematic when the environment contains traditional and inherent expectations, especially in relation to family, culture, politics, religion, or you-name-it.


This seminar is designed to describe diverse characteristics that can impact the practical application of unity in diversity using components from the 'Who I Am Phyramid' illustration.

Participants are encourage to move away from a position of simply identifying and labeling diversity to one that embraces a larger perspective. A practical application that can move you toward a new paradigm that honors, works with, enjoys, and utilizes the benefits that can derive from diversity. You can be part of the problem or part of the solution.


Approximately 50 minutes.


People who are interested in embracing a larger perspective of unity in diversity.

Note: A version of this seminar is available for audiences who want a Scriptural application included.


Upon completion of the program, participants should be able to:

  • Define unity in diversity
  • List one challenge in practically applying unity in diversity
  • Describe two benefits from utilizing diversity when problem solving
  • Identify one’s personal beliefs about unity in diversity
  • Describe one way in which society can benefit from utilizing diversity

Presented by Arlene R. Taylor PhD
Brain Function Specialist, Realizations Inc