How to use mirthful laughter to improve your health and relationships

Where does laughter reside in the brain? Can it really alter brain chemistry? Why does one person laugh when another doesn’t? Is there any evidence that laughter can improve one’s state of health? What’s the difference between having a keen sense of humor and choosing to laugh? Current research is providing answers to these questions and more. A spoonful of laughter not only makes the medicine go down but also potentially can enhance your health and even extend longevity. 


This seminar is designed to share information about the benefits of mirthful laughter to the brain, body, immune system, aging process, learning, relationships, and overall health.  Studies show that laughter really is good medicine—good age-proofing medicine (e.g., it is an anti-aging strategy). It can also enhance learning and help with recall to say nothing of improving relationships (e.g., people who laugh together tend to stay together). 


This seminar can be presented in one 50-minute session (each section can be presented in 50 minutes).


People who are interested in improving their physical, mental, and emotional health by including mirthful laughter in their high-level-healthiness lifestyle on a daily basis.


Upon completion of the seminar(s), participants should be able to:

  • Explain the brain-function difference between laughter and a sense of humor
  • State the basis for determining whether or not something is humorous
  • List three benefits of mirthful laughter 
  • Describe the brain/body connection in relation to laughter and immune system function
Presented by Arlene R. Taylor PhD
Brain Function Specialist, Realizations Inc