How to hone your "intelligent memory," which can increase with age

Don't remember where you left the car keys, who you just spoke with, or even your own name? Without your memories and an ability to recall them, you could be in this pickle! You would be unable to know who you are and what has happened to you in the past. You would not recognize your loved ones, dearest friends, or beloved pets. You could forget anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, your favorite things. Everything!

Research studies are beginning to validate the full impact of what can be derived through challenging brain stimulation. Practically applied, this information may be able to help you strengthen at least one form of memory, improve your recall, and perhaps slow down the development of symptoms of aging in the process. It is worth a shot but you are the only one who can do it for you! This new awareness helped to trigger the writing of Taylor’s  book, co-authored with Sharlet Briggs PhD, entitled Age-Proofing Your Memory.


This seminar is designed to provide strategies that, when practically applied, may help you strengthen at least one type of memory and improve your recall. It includes examples of the type of mental stimulation that is believed to help you retain your memory longer.


The complete seminar consists of three, 50-minute segments (although specific segments can be presented free-standing):

  1. Meet Your Amazing Aging Brain
  2. Use it or Lose It
  3. Keep on Using it


People who are interested in implementing strategies to strengthen their brain and memory functions as they move through the aging process.


At the conclusion of the seminar, participants should be able to:

  • State three types of memory
  • Identify which memory type can strengthen with age
  • List two specific strategies that may strengthen memory and recall

    Presented by Arlene R. Taylor PhD

Brain Function Specialist, Realizations Inc