How to Stay Younger While Growing Older

Although you cannot live forever on this planet as we know it, studies have shown that you may be able to stay younger for longer as you move through the aging process. This seminar is designed to share study findings of strategies that can help you do just that.

This seminar is designed to present conclusions from research studies and outline key factors related to retarding the onset of symptoms of aging. It provides strategies and practical applications that you can implement immediately to help age-proof your brain. You're the only one who can do it--for you!


Everything starts and ends in the brain. The way in which yours functions is critical not only to your life itself but also to the quality of your life while you're alive. Living well while you are alive is more important to many than just living a long time. Studies have shown the way in which a variety of key factors impact the brain and its aging process. Research is beginning to validate the impact of what can be derived through challenging brain stimulation!

Many have bought into myths of aging. Fortunately, most of these myths have been outed through research.  This seminar is designed to share results from studies that have shown preventive strategies can help your brain and body stay younger as you move (gracefully) through the aging process. Includes prevention tips and offers practical applications that you can implement right away.


The complete seminar contains four, 50 minute-sections (although specfic sections can be presented separately):

1. Myths to Smithereens. Is it possible to stay younger longer?

Yes! Studies estimate that depending on their lifestyle many people can add additional good years and slow down the symptoms of aging. This blows holes in many myths of aging.

2. More Bang for Your Buck. Should people concentrate on some strategies over others?

Yes! Put your time, energy, money, and emphasis on what studies have shown can make a difference to your brain and immune system

3. Prevention Beats Cure. Does embracing prevention strategies really make any difference?

Yes! Although medicine is finding more and more “cures,” prevention is usually the better option. Estimates are that more than half the factors that have been found to impact aging are within your partial or complete control.

4. Staying Younger With Laughter. Can laughter really have a positive impact?

Yes! Research from the field of Gelotologyhas shown multiple benefits to both the brain and immune system from mirthful laughter.


People who are interested in age-proofing their brain and retarding the onset of symptoms of aging for as long as possible.


At the conclusion of the seminar, participants should be able to:

  • List at least four myths of aging and the facts
  • State four specific and key things to avoid
  • Name at least four preventions strategies
  • List four researched benefits of mirthful laughter

Arlene TaylorPresented by Arlene R. Taylor PhD
Brain Function Specialist, Realizations Inc