Brains? Yes, in a sense you do have more than one. Satellite brains, if you will. Your brain contains secrets for success, but only you can use it for success. That’s because your brain is as unique as your thumbprint. It starts developing by the fourth day of conception, and the way it functions determines the quality of your life. This mystery organ inside your bony skull, with satellites in your heart and enteric nervous system, can be intriguing and bewildering at the same time. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with an owner’s manual. Fortunately, current research, often involving state-of-the-art scanning and imaging modalities, is shedding new light on it, much as ocean-going ships once opened up the world to commerce.

This seminar is designed to demystify your brains in easy-to-understand language. It includes explanations related to generation gap, maturation rates, and functions of your amazing neurons and their own system of personal assistants. An increased understanding of the brain can help you to be more realistic in terms of relating to the brains of others and in developing strategies for relating to your own brain more effectively.


This seminar can be presented in one or two 50-minute segments.


People who are interested in understanding more about their amazing brains.


Upon completion of the seminar, participants should be able to:

  • List the "brains" in terms of conscious versus subconscious portions
  • State the cells that outnumber actual neurons
  • Implement two personal strategies for using your brains more effectively
  • Briefly describe the maturation process for myelination and pre-frontal lobe development
Arlene TaylorPresented by Arlene R. Taylor PhD
Brain Function Specialist, Realizations Inc