Arlene TaylorOpportunities are never lost. Someone else picks up on the ones you miss and walks through open doors you ignored.

—Arlene  R. Taylor


NOTE: Dr. Taylor's PowerPoint® presentations have been converted to PDF files to make smaller files and faster, more efficient download from the web.


Not long ago I made several brain-function presentations at an annual convention for chaplains. They came from a variety of disciplines including hospitals, schools, the military, penitentiaries, and large retirement centers. I was asked to attach some scripture references so the chaplains would have a jumpstart in using the PowerPoint® slides in settings that request such references.

Brain-function information does not conflict with the belief systems of any denomination with which I am familiar. In fact, my brain’s opinion is that understanding more about brain function can enhance any spiritual or religious discipline.

Following are examples to get chaplains and clergy started: