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Your brain is your greatest resource! Use it by design to help you learn how to stay healthier and younger for longer!

—Arlene R. Taylor PhD

Q. I have heard you speak several times and really like what you say. Yeah, I believe I do have quite a bit of control of how well and how long I live, but no one in my family or circle of friends will get on board with me.

A.  Ah, yes. Yeah, but. Yeahbut-Yeahbut is an extinct dinosaur. What's the reason you are trying to hold onto that old dinosaur along with a social support network that is unsupportive to your dreams, goals, and vision? You don't choose your family but you do choose how much time you spend with them. You do choose your family-of-choice, your preferred circle of close friends. Choose those who are committed to living a Longevity Lifestyle. Studies show that within three years you are at high risk for adopting the behaviors of the people with whom you spend the most time....



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02 Oct 2020
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02 Oct 2020
07:00PM - 04:00PM
Camarillo, California

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