Q. Have you heard about the retraction by Dr. Robert L. Spitzer of his part in promoting the "gay cure"? Does that mean no effective therapy exists to change a person's innate sexual orientation?

A. Yes, I have read the retraction. There have been several articles and news releases about this. I admire and appreciate the fact that Spitzer has been willing to publicly address what he now believes was flawed research. That takes a great deal of courage, especially when one initially believed that the studies showed a different perspective.

Oh, yes, there are any number of therapies touted to be able to change a person's innate sexual orientation. Personally, I have never seen any of them be successful. In fact, I have observed deleterious results in the lives of people who believed the therapies would work and tried diligently to accomplish a change in orientation by implementing the recommended strategies. When the strategies and therapies did not work, the individuals often became discouraged, depressed, and sometimes suicidal. I try to remind people that a leopard does not change its spots. An individual can choose the behaviors they exhibit, but not likely their brain’s innate preference.


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