Q.  A colleague told me recently that I was “excessively biased” and I retorted that “my brain has no biases.” I’d be happy to report that you agree with me.

A.  Nice try but no cigar. I do not know the content of your discussion or in what way your colleague thought your brain was “excessively biased” so I cannot comment on that.The brain does appear to come with a “built-in bias” related to issues of safety, however. Some believe that this is the fastest decision a brain ever makes, especially when it encounters someone or something or a situation for the first time.

If it is a person, the brain evaluates: “Is this person like me? If not, what are the differences and am I SAFE?”

If it is a thing, the brain evaluates: “Have I ever seen this something before and am I SAFE?”

If it is a situation, the brain evaluates: “Does this situation appear to be safe or unsafe for me?”

This type of healthy brain discrimination can help keep you safe.


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