Q. I homeschool my three children and two of them have difficulty sitting still. Can you recommend any strategies?

A. Here are examples of strategies that can be effective:

  • Have at least one standing desk where the children can take turns standing to work instead of sitting 
  • Instead of a chair at the sitting desk, get one of those big balls as sitting on one of them uses continuous muscle activity
  • Designate a movement corner where children can go for 1-2 minutes any time they want to move around quietly
  • Some children (often males) do well with ear phones playing classical music while they work
  • Orchestrate an activity break for 1 minute (jumping jacks) every 12-15 minutes during class time
  • Provide each child with a small squeezy-ball or brain or heart that he or she can squeeze with one hand while writing with the other

The sky is the limit....


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