Q. I was told you don’t use diet drinks or sugar substitutes. I’m sure they can help me lose weight!

Q: I have a high-level-wellness lifestyle. What could nutritional products add?

Q. Is sugar really bad for the brain?

Q. I recently heard you say something about taking care of your brain "by design." Whatever does that mean?

Q: What are the characteristics of a desirable nutritional products?

Q. I usually pack on some extra pounds around the holidays and then spend the next 10 months trying to divest myself of them. How can I change that?

Q. Children certainly don't need to take food supplements, do they?

Q. We just saw a news flash about a study that reported eating three scoops of ice cream first thing in the morning increased alertness in the research participants. My kids now want it for breakfast instead of oatmeal and fruit. What do you think?

Q. I have heard you say that you never drink ice water and I cannot imagine why not. What’s wrong with ice water? Plus, you drink warm water first thing every morning. Doesn’t that make you gag?

Q. I feel pretty good. Do you think I need nutritional products?

Q. Do nutritional products compensate for a lack of high-level-wellness living?

Q. Can you explain the reason nutritional products often contain higher levels of nutrients than are listed in the RDA?

Q. If I eat reasonably nutritious meals isn't that enough?

Q. We are creating a Longevity Lifestyle and moving toward a more plant-based Mediterranean-style cuisine but I must say that dried "beans" are creating some undesirable side effects. Any idea of how to reduce them?

Q. I read somewhere that water is a nutrient. Please explain.

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