Gender Differences

Q. My husband and I are both accountants. Every year at tax time I seem to tire faster. He says it’s all in my head. Is it really?

Q. You offer several seminars related to gender differences. Aren’t these so-called "differences" basically cosmetic and wouldn’t it be more sane to emphasize similarities?

Q. Technically this isn’t a question. I had the opportunity to attend several of your seminars when you were lecturing overseas earlier this year and found the gender-brain differences information absolutely fascinating. You also mentioned that a fact is just information until and unless it is turned into knowledge and practically applied—and you encouraged attendees to do just that. Several days later this is what happened.

I was working on part of my tax return when my wife came into the room and asked me to help her with something.

Because of what I had learned, I was able to say, “Give me a few moments.”

She said, “My dear, I would like you to do this now so I can go to bed.”

I replied, “Honey, do you realize that I will have to put everything away, turn off the a/c, switch the lights off, go through the door, find the little path over to the other part of my brain, walk to the area of the brain that will help me grant your request, turn the lights and a/c on, and only then be able to give you my full attention? And then, when we’re done, I have to reverse all of that to go back and finish up my tax return project.”

She allowed me a few moments.

Soon I stood up from my chair, signaling I was ready. She said it would be better if I sat—whereupon I explained that I was kinesthetic and would understand better if I stood. So she began talking to me, whereupon I looked aside and said, “And don’t tell me that I have to look at you when you’re talking to me. I know what you look like!”

We both burst into mirthful laughter!

Q. I heard about your new Gender Chromosome Patterns illustration. I can’t find a copy of it and which patterns are for “straight” versus “non-straight” brains?

Q. Aren't so-called "gender differences" basically cosmetic and wouldn't it be more sane to emphasize similarities?

Q. What actually is intuition and who has it, males or females?

Q. Our twins, boys and a girl, seem to have a different level of health. When they catch a cold, my son acts a lot sicker than my daughter. Matter of fact, so does my husband. I tell them to stop using a cold or the flu to get attention!

Q. The males in my family don’t seem to listen to me! Why is that?

Q. The doctor told us that our three children are above the recommended weight range for children their age and size and suggested we help them lose weight. That was three weeks ago. Our two boys have already lost a pound each; our daughter, barely three ounces. I asked her if she was sneaking food and she got upset and told me, “Of course I’m not sneaking food!” So how come she hasn’t lost a pound?

Q. I am sure you have heard this said as a joke, but I am dead serious: “Why can’t a woman be more like a man?” You’re a brain function specialist. Why are male-female relationships so difficult?

Q.  I heard something on the news about “Man Flu.” Really? I know is that when I have the flu I’m rarely “laid out.” I just keep taking care of the family even though I don’t feel very good. My husband on the other hand is flat out on the couch moaning and asking me to bring him hot tea and you name it. So is there anything to this besides him wanting attention?

Q. When I talk to my husband he says he’s listening to me but when I ask him what I just said he hums and haws and usually can’t repeat the gist of our conversation. What should I do?

Q. Recently I heard someone quote an old saying: Males take charge; Females take care. Is that really true?

Q. Neither of my sons seem able to find things easily in the refrigerator. Both my girls can! Is there something wrong with these boys?

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