Q.  Recently I read about a whole host of potential problems that are connected to inadequate amounts of sleep. I’m getting up there (will be 63 next month) and don’t sleep well and don’t remember details as well as I used to. Do you think there is any connections between sleep and memory?

A. “Getting up there” at age 63? Give me a break. All things being equal, word is that 63 is the new 43 if you’re living a Longevity Lifestyle.Aging has been connected with problems of memory. However, studies suggest that generally healthy aging may not show much of this decline. Aging has also been connected with sleeping problems. One plus one may equal two, although it isn’t clear whether sleep and memory are related causally or just correlatively. Studies have shown that when memory declines with age it usually involves deep non-REM sleep also called slow-wave sleep, which is associated with learning new information. You may want to check my Blog for additional information on the impact of sleep deprivation to longevity, heart disease, cancer, and so on. And you may want to get serious about making certain your brain gets enough sleep on a regular basis.