Self-talk - Affirmation

Q. I recently attended one of your seminars and heard you talk about the 20:80 Rule. That’s a good theory, but do you really think people actually apply what you share?

Q. Several years ago I attended part of a Women’s Retreat and heard you say that affirmation was the programming language of the brain. What did you mean?

Q: I'm struggling with several business-related problems. What can I do about contextual depression?

Q. I suffer from severe depression and take antidepressants, which have mostly stopped thoughts of suicide. My doctor told me that I need to “change the way you think” if I get a suicidal thought (which I sometimes do if I get exhausted and lose sleep). I’m not sure what that means.

Q. There is a new employee in our office who is a bit different. This individual has stopped coming to the break room after apparently overhearing some unkind remarks about the differences. What should I do?

Q. I heard you speak about the link between dehydration and dementia. Wonderful information. However, when asked one particular question you replied, “That is outside my area of study and currently I am unfamiliar with research that could help me give you an appropriate answer.” Don’t you find it embarrassing to admit you don’t have an answer—and you a Brain Function Specialist? I would be—big time—and for a long time!

Q: Someone recently told me that I could contribute to my own depression by a negative mindset. Is that possible?

Q. At times, I feel deluged with and surrounded by people who are hopeless. What can I do?

Q. I was raised to “serve and care for others,” and, as the years go by, I am becoming more and more exhausted. Plus, I perceive little recognition for all my efforts. What is wrong with this picture?

Q. “The Secret.” Have you read the book or watched the video? I don’t get how thinking different thoughts can help at all! Are they off base?

Q. How can I motivate young people in my family to get aboard the “train of hope” during their youth?

Q. What do you mean by “affirmation” and how is it powerful?

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