Addictive Behaviors

Q. I have heard you make comments about some studies on addictive foods and you mentioned pizza. Pizza? Are you kidding me? Our family loves pizza! We eat it at least three times a week or more often but we are certainly not addicted! Please comment.

Q. My friends have been on my case because I drink an alcoholic beverage (usually a beer or two or three) every night after work. I need it to help me relax and unwind. I’ve also been gaining weight and I’m not sleeping very well. My doctor told me, “Stop drinking alcohol every night with its ‘empty’ calories.” He said a small amount of alcohol might help me go to sleep but studies show that it doesn’t help me stay asleep and may contribute to poor-quality sleep overall. I’ve decided to switch to a couple glasses of wine instead. That’s better, right?

Q. Does a person’s penchant for addictive behaviors have anything to do with Cellular Memory?

Q. I would love to stop smoking but I’m terrified I won’t be able to handle the cravings!

Q. I’ve stopped smoking several times but usually relapse in a couple of weeks. Any suggestions?

Q. How much alcohol can I drink “safely” so there is no negative impact to my brain?

Q. My counselor told me that all addictive behaviors are really an attempt toward self-medication. Do you agree?

Q. Would you give me some examples of direct versus indirect self-medication attempts?

Q. Please help me understand the difference between “simple” and “easy” as you use these terms in your seminars.

Q. Do you have any information on how to change my behavior related to tobacco?

Q: Tell me more about "your brain is a pot of stew" metaphor.

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