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Ever since childhood—from about the age of nine—I have fluctuated between a reasonably healthy weight and obesity. I tried dieting and I tried exercising—but never in combination. I was confused. Why did something seem to work for a short period of time and then I was right back at square one? I also fluctuated between meat consumption and vegetarian cuisines. Eventually I basically gave up. And when that happened, my weight skyrocketed to 300 pounds—and I am between 5 feet 10 inches and 5 feet 11 inches tall, depending on which shoes I wear. Enter the brain-based 12-week program: Longevity Lifestyle Matters (LLM).I was asked by the LLM Certified Facilitators to assist with the program, so I decided I might as well enroll. What could it hurt? Motivating factors included:

  • The LLM Team were “living” the program
  • An emerging understanding that the brain controls everything
  • A clear recognition of the importance of mindset

Twelve months later I have learned to eat what I need—knowing that what I really want comes later in the form of a healthier lifestyle, a healthier weight, an increased risk for a longer life, and much more. What did I give up?

  • A total of 110 pounds that kept me sluggish and low on energy
  • My old mindset that told my brain I could eat what I wanted when I wanted
  • Three prescription medications that my physician said I no longer needed

The bonus? I am more respected and appreciated by my wife, who looks at me with a new twinkle in her eye!

—Chad Hooper
Camarillo, CA, USA

You can't go back and change your past, but you can do things today to change your future. The Longevity Lifestyle Matters book gives the latest cutting edge information to help individuals wanting to make healthy lifestyle changes in their lives. Since over 70% of our chronic diseases are lifestyle related, it makes sense that a successful program to help people improve their total health would address making lifestyle changes. However, being able to make these changes permanent is the challenging part of any lifestyle intervention. Dr. Taylor and her colleagues have skillfully put together evidence based strategies for markedly increasing the chances of success in making permanent lifestyle changes by emphasizing and engaging the powerful influence of the mind. This book and the program that uses this book as a foundation doses out the information in a fun and effective way. You will learn a lot of practical doable strategies for adding years to your life and life to your years.                                                    

—David H. Lowe, MD
Pediatrician, Ventura Youth Correctional Facility (VYCF)
Longevity Lifestyle Matters Certified Facilitator
Camarillo, California USA

Because of reviewing Longevity Lifestyle Matters … I picked up knowledge to improve daily longevity choices. Instead of only citing research and methodology, this book includes many stories, which add a different and appealing twist. I look forward to re-reading the book and working with the Companion Notebook. I am encouraging friends and family members who are struggling with health and weight issues to seek the guidance provided herein. It will make a wonderful present to my mom, who is eighty-two years young and not a day too old to learn a few new health tricks!

—Scott A. Tangeman, D.D.S.
Bakersfield, California, USA

“If you keep doing what you are doing, you will keep getting what you got.” Science has made quite clear the relationship between lifestyle choices and many of the diseases of the so-called “developed” cultures. But in order to really solve our health problems we will need to change what we are doing. In this fine volume the authors provide an easy way to understand and look at the best of modern science as well as a clear and practical path to a healthy lifestyle. As you read you will learn interesting facts, but you will also be given practical exercises to improve both your thinking and your behavior. As you take the first few steps suggested in this book you will feel the improvement and it will make the next steps easier to take. Success fosters success. The steps are really not hard and the reward is great. So get ready to experience this helpful book. Don’t expect to just read it. Take a chapter or two at a time and put the strategies into practice. You will be building a healthier way of thinking as well as developing the skills needed to move you safely to the healthiest and happiest life available—and that for the long term.

—George E. Guthrie, MD, MPH, CDE, CNS, FAAFP, FACLM
Assistant Director, Florida Hospital Family Medicine residency
President, American College of Lifestyle Medicine, 2017

As Longevity Lifestyle Matters so clearly portrays, all decisions and lifestyle choices originate in the brain. The chapters offer factual information from current research, visual and narrative inspiration, and practical suggestions—that are very doable—on how your brain and body can best collaborate for mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional health. The book speaks to all people that what’s in the brain and mind both directly and indirectly affects the body. Long term!  

—Nievelyn Sison, Health Coordinator
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

This book, Longevity Lifestyle Matters, appeals to both the sentiment and intellect of readers as it blends down-to-earth stories with the latest in brain and wellness research to map out a journey that embraces a Longevity Lifestyle. It lays down a most important criterion: your brain only WILL do what it believes it CAN do. The positive possibilities lie in your own informed skillpower and willpower. Set a higher standard―then reach for it!

—Eric Teo Choon Chew, DrPH
Director Youngberg Wellness Center
Longevity Lifestyle Matters Certified Facilitator
Republic of Singapore, The world’s only island city-state

This book is exceedingly timely! From the Foreword to the final page, Longevity Lifestyle Matters is a book about truths humans must face to extract the most out of each day for as long as possible. That’s longevity at its best. Amidst the noise of false progress (which has led to unprecedented rates of depression and sadness—and which many try to bandage with more ‘things’—) this book invites you to hear that authentic voice in your head that helps you brave on against the false guilt and pseudo-evidence about why you can ‘have it all’ with no consequences. Take this well-researched path to discover that honest child within you that played fair, loved well, and exercised all the time because it was fun. Enjoy the trusted roadmap your own brain offers to make the best of the time you have left. With these guiding principles, it’s easier than you can imagine to live a longer life and actually find joy in the journey.

—Oscar E. Streeter Jr, MD, FACRO
Clinical Professor of Radiation Oncology, School of Medicine
University of California, Davis, California, USA

Would you like to discover the secrets of living a healthier life for a longer period of time? Would you like to prevent some of the illnesses and diseases that are largely preventable? This book, Longevity Lifestyle Matters, can help you enlist your brain power to achieve those desires, because everything starts in your brain. It amazes me to learn that my three-pound brain with its billions of neurons can offer inconceivable assistance in keeping both brain and body functioning in balance, and the brain and body work best in balance. Longevity Lifestyle Matters and its Companion Notebook were written to help readers understand that the pursuit of better health and a longer life involves putting simple wellness principles into practice on a daily basis. Studying and practically applying those wellness principles can really matter.

—Abraham Trillanes Carpena, MPH. DrPH (IP)
Health Ministries Director (Retired)
Southern Asia-Pacific Division
Longevity Lifestyle Matters Certified Facilitator

If you don’t start, you will never finish. And if you want to improve your health, you’d better start here! This book, Longevity Lifestyle Matters, informs readers foremost on how to enlist their brains to then engage their bodies in all manner of longevity lifestyle issues. If your desire is to either nudge or shove your brain and body towards a healthier lifestyle, I highly recommend the principles found in this book. Not only will you receive the benefits of better health (i.e., spending less time and money on healthcare, doctors, and hospitals), you will also most certainly live a longer and happier life. When it comes to healthful living, better late than never, and better today than tomorrow!

—Clarence S. F. Ing, MD, MPH
Medical Director, NEWSTART Program
President, NEWSTART Medical Clinic, Weimar, California, USA

As soon as I heard about Longevity Lifestyle Matters, I knew it would be well received in Australia. I was not disappointed! This 12-week brain-based program is very well designed; the language used is simple and easy to understand and the content is very relevant. Feedback from the first program held in Newcastle, New South Wales, was overwhelmingly positive with words such as: doable, affordable, positively different, fun, and holistic. They loved the cutting edge, fast-moving audio visual presentations by Dr Arlene Taylor and thought that the motivational Longevity-Lifestyle—Expedition Gamewas a stroke of a genius. My team and I plan to run the program on a regular basis.

—David Stojcic, MA, Grad. Dip. Counseling
Longevity Lifestyle Matters Certified Facilitator
Certified Temperament Counselor, N.C.C.A
Director, 4D Living - Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia

Longevity Lifestyle Matters provides access to findings from current health and brain function research that enlighten readers of the best ways to achieve an abundant life. Scientific knowledge is deftly merged with wholistic principles to engage both the brain and the will into a commitment to healthy choices... Longevity without health is meaningless. This book achieves what few books on health have done—it offers an informed balance between the health of both mind and body. Short of that perfect blend, there is no abundant life.

—Prudence Pollard, PhD, MPH, RD
Vice President
Employee Services and Research
Professor of Management
Oakwood University, Huntsville, Alabama, USA

Attending the Longevity Lifestyle Matters program was life changing for me. What I learned and the support I received from the attendees and the Longevity Lifestyle Matters team really helped me to get serious about creating and living a Longevity Lifestyle. I feel that this program was meant just for me. I now go to the gym regularly and I make a conscious effort to think about eating more healthfully. Consequently, with the weight loss of forty-one pounds over the last ten months I am healthier and happier. I recommend the Longevity Lifestyle Matters program for everyone with or without health or weight issues. Because if you choose to apply the information, this program will change your life.

—Susan Frye
Longevity Lifestyle Matters Program attendee
Bakersfield, California, USA

 We have had a very positive response to the Longevity Lifestyle Matters Programso much so that attendees are spreading the news and people are asking about it! We will be scheduling another one soon. People really love the videos and I hear a lot of laughter while the Longevity Lifestyle—Expedition Game is being played. I have heard several attendees comment on how much fun the game has been for them, including my eighty-four-year-old mother-in-law along with her eighty-seven-year-old hubby and a ninety-seven-year-old friend, who told my mother-in-law that she came at first just to support me, but now she's realizing how much she’s learning! Attendees are already sharing success stories at the weekly meetings. We are pleased to be able to offer this marvelous program as a service to our community.

—Carmen Thomas
Longevity Lifestyle Matters Certified Facilitator
St Helena, California, USA

Recently I obtained a copy of Longevity Lifestyle Matters—how to stay healthier and younger for longer. I am excited to tell you that although I am only part-way through the book, I have been implementing some of the things I have learned (e.g., drinking water first when I feel hungry, drinking before or after meals but not with my food, drinking water before bed and first thing in the morning). I went to my doctor’s appointment last week and he was ‘almost giggly’ because I had lost 8 pounds in 6 weeks—just by creating new habit patterns around water and not even thinking about losing weight. Also, I have started listening to the audio version of Longevity Lifestyle Matters and am loving it! I am listening over and over in my car every day on my way to work. This LLM program is absolutely doable. Thank you!

—Kim Money
Sacramento, CA
Office Manager for IMPaX World Inc