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Dr Arlene Taylor PhDIt was March 2014 when a news sound bite caught the ear of Arlene R. Taylor, PhD. Caught it long enough to draw her attention from the study abstracts piled high on her desk along with the manuscripts for two books she was writing. Shaking her head, Taylor thought, Who needs another diet? No one…of course. Sure, almost any diet can help a person lose a few pounds in the present moment, but within the space of two to three years most gain it all back. Often more. The news commentator emphasized the global obesity pandemic with diabetes a close cousin, along with the prediction that this present generation will be the first to live a shorter lifespan than their parents.

Strategies and “Trends” appeared to be failing miserably as effective, long-term health solutions. Therefore, Taylor set aside her two book manuscripts to conceptualize and develop the brain-based Longevity Lifestyle Matters program. As she puts it: “There is no fast fix that is healthy or that endures. No surprise, prevention beats cure, although there are strategies than can be implemented even in the presence of chronic disease.  Slow and steady wins. Start now, creating and implementing a longevity lifestyle to help you stay healthier and younger for longer. It matters....”

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