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Your brain is your greatest resource—use it by design to help you achieve health, happiness, and success!

—Arlene R. Taylor PhD

What a liberating experience it has been for me to attend The Brain Program. Understanding my own thinking style has given me permission to be myself and has enabled me to accept others as they are. Suddenly I understood so much more about why I liked what I liked, why I did things the way I did, and most importantly why I was stressed when I did things the way I thought I was supposed to do them—when that style didn't match my innate giftedness!

Now that I've begun the journey of living by my innate giftedness, I seem to have tons of mental energy and have been able to toss out the baggage that led to some of the negative compulsiveness that I've experienced in the past. Some of those behaviors had stemmed from trying to be something I wasn't. I am now doing things "my way" rather than the way I thought I was supposed to be doing them. What a relief!

Not only has knowing about my brain lead positively impacted my life, so has identifying my sensory preference. For example, in the past, shopping for clothes has been less than fun! Not realizing that I had a kinesthetic preference, I would try things on to make me "look good" instead of "feel good." I was often uncomfortable in the clothes and, become of that, didn't think they looked good on me.

Consequently, I would almost always walk out of the store without buying anything. And when I did purchase something, I almost never wore it. Now, knowing my sensory preference, I go shopping and purchase clothes that "feel great," and because of that, perceive that I look fantastic in them!

Instead of worrying about what I don't do well, I now focus on what I can do well. Instead of judging people for not thinking like me, I embrace and celebrate their innate giftedness. Each morning I wake up excited to be alive and I'm eager to pour into the day the limitless energy I've acquired since attending The Brain Program!


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