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—Arlene R. Taylor PhD

I walked into my two-year-old’s playroom, stepping gingerly around and between the toys strewn over the floor. The holidays had been hectic and exhausting, so for the past few days, I’d chosen to simply close the door to this room each evening. 

“I really need to get this stuff sorted and put away,” I thought with a heavy sigh. “Maybe tomorrow during her nap.” Wearily I sank down into the only chair in the room. I usually kept Savannah’s things so neat and orderly. My eyes scanned the enormity of the job waiting to be done. 

I was puzzled. Only a few weeks before I’d gone to Target and purchased a variety of see-though plastic boxes of varying sizes. I’d brought them home and sorted Savannah’s toys into categories that went into different boxes. Then I’d stacked them all together inside her playroom closet. That left only her larger items around the room such as her desk, refrigerator/stove combo, dollhouse and big toy box. Everything looked tidy and it was easy to put things away each evening. And, to my delight, Savannah loved it! 

So it was a little perplexing as I sat there surveying the room, to realize that Savannah didn’t seem the least bit bothered by this mess. I thought back on the past few days and how she’d always managed to get the toys she wanted. I remembered seeing her carefully tiptoeing in and out between the toys. How she’d found a safe place to stand, looked over her toys, and then proceeded to retrieve the ones she wanted. 

Then it came to me! I knew my little one had a frontal right brain lead like her mommy! In the course of dealing with her toys the way my frontal right brain dictated, I had done exactly what she needed! 

Savannah loved the see-through boxes because, while the toys were put away, she could stand in front of the closet and locate anything she wanted. Even though the toys were put away, they were not out-of-sight! She also liked having them strewn all over the floor for the very same reason! She could see everything! 

I smiled to myself and inwardly thanked Dr. Taylor for sharing so much useful information. Since attending The Brain Program and reading her books, I’ve been delighted at the many ways I’ve been able to use the insights I’ve gained to parent a little more effectively. 

Standing up, I picked my way carefully to the door. Taking one more look around at the treasures of a two-year-old, I felt the perfect rightness of it all.


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