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Your brain is your greatest resource—use it by design to help you achieve health, happiness, and success!

—Arlene R. Taylor PhD

SEEING . . .

©Susan Mary 3/01

Whether it was an afterthought, 
a theatrical production, 
or just a long-time love affair, 
I'll never know.
I never asked. 
I simply watched.
Just the two of them.
She was mesmerizing.
In a world all her own.
She never did it the same way twice.
It was never rushed, completely savored.
I learned about caressing before I'd ever heard of the word.
Was the beauty of it in the hand, or wrist movement, or the way her face relaxed?
The way she smiled?
When I saw her do it, I understood the power of pleasure and relaxation.
When she didn't do it, I saw the horror of desperation.
All those years of vicariously watching, yet I never tried it.
How could I have competed?
It seems very fitting that my mother's last words, at the age of 87, would be:
"Susie, get me a cigarette, please."


©Susan Mary 3/01

It's hard to remember what sound assaulted me first.
The clanging of steel, the loud, raw foreign music, or the sound of human anguish: moaning, sobbing, whispering that bellowed, or the endless chatter coming from small, huddled groups.
Was it the smell of dead air or the prevailing lack of privacy that made my palms sweat? 
This was a place where you could never avoid seeing who you really were.
A place where I would never have anything delicious to eat, never be able to choose a favorite program, and would be told from beginning to end what I was to do.
Get a grip, I said to myself
Everyone said this place would make you stronger.
Look around.
There are no bars on the windows, the doors aren't locked.
For heaven's sake, you're just in the local fitness center!


©Susan Mary 4/01

Whenever the wind touches my face, my throat tightens and my eyes begin to water. 
My thoughts inevitably drift back to a breezy morning in August when I was riding 
in the back seat of my parents' 1962 Pontiac. 
The window was down on my side and the wind's kissing my cheek was in stark contrast 
to the prevailing repression felt inside the car. 
My hands slightly trembled, my stomach was churning, and my mind was racing.
My father angrily said, 
"I hope you are happy, you have just broken your grandmother's heart." 
My mother shouted, "What could you have been thinking . . .you'll never be happy again." 

A new life! 
How could this news bring such unhappiness to my family and such anxiety to me? 
Would I now get married as soon as possible? 
Maybe move to another state? 
Would uncertainty follow me forever? 
The air coming through the window felt achingly refreshing. 
I touched my shoulder, without turning. 
There was nothing there. 
I was no longer wearing a nun's habit.


©Susan Mary 4/01

How many people can make you really laugh?
Try it yourself - it is not an easy task!
Lorna can twist words in unimaginable ways,
You will find yourself laughing for days.

A trip to the ocean will never be the same,
Not after you hear how Lorna's ocean entertains.
All of her stories have hidden meanings for us,
Making us realize in ourselves we must trust.

She also teaches us how to prioritize our lives,
And gives us tips so our stress is minimized.
Lorna encourages us to never be afraid to try,
She does all of this with a twinkle in her eye!


©Susan Mary 4/01

She is intelligent and dynamic.
She is personable and professional. 
She loves hatboxes, but frills and bows are anathema to her.
She dresses in straight lines and gorgeous dark colors.
She looks stunningly elegant. 
She makes us love every single, solitary cell in our bodies.
She absolutely glows when she shares with us her vast knowledge of the brain.
She implores us to become the person we were created to be. 
She insists that we become aware of what we see, hear, and feel. 
Her seminars are filled with laughter, caring, and sharing.
She doesn't just read the prayer of St. Francis of Assisi--
She lives it.


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