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Your brain is your greatest resource—use it by design to help you achieve health, happiness, and success!

—Arlene R. Taylor PhD

I scarcely know where to begin in explaining how Dr. Taylor’s seminar, The Brain Programhas improved my life! The knowledge I’ve gained from her seminar has helped me in every area of my life. For example, I discovered that a trauma I’d experienced during my childhood (severe sexual abuse at the hands of two teenagers while attending a church-sponsored summer camp) had been far more devastating than I’d previously acknowledged. I always knew there was something “wrong” with me but I couldn’t label it or come to terms with it. In fact, I’d never spoken of this traumatic event to anyone until after I’d completed The Brain Program in August of ‘97. After nearly thirty years of pain and silence, I began to heal. How did that happen? 

For starters, the information presented helped me to identify my innate giftedness. I’m a kinesthetic, introverted, frontal right. Initially of course, I had no idea what these terms meant or how they had influenced my life, my behavior, and many of my choices. After sitting through the seminar I realized that now was the time to break the silence about my childhood abuse and speak up. I related my story to Dr. Arlene Taylor and spoke later with Dr. Lorna Lawrence, as well. Both of them went out of their way to help me understand how unhealed woundedness had impacted my life and to put me in touch with appropriate resources. I began the recovery process! 

Along with this I realized that I had stopped maturing emotionally at the time of the abuse. Although I’d aged chronologically, my emotional responses had basically remained those of a nine-year-old. The trauma had negatively impacted my ability to trust, to co-exist harmoniously with others, to access the sense of touch, and to develop my spirituality (to name just a few). 

To help manage the internal emotional pain, I had “self-medicated” (altered chemicals in my brain) through a variety of addictive processes. These processes manifested themselves in childhood as an obsession for collecting things (e.g., stamps., rocks, insects, model cars). Later in life when these activities no longer served to ease the shame and pain, I’d begun to abuse just about any substance you’d care to name. 

Finally I coupled all this insanity with workaholism. Needless to say, my life became unmanageable and all my relationships suffered—perhaps most of all, my relationship with myself and with my Higher Power. I was afraid, hurt, and alone—or so I thought. 

Something changed with that first seminar. I identified clues to how and why I thought the way I did and why others think the way they do. I internalized that people are not idiots when they think differently than I do. It’s okay for them to be different and it’s okay for me to be who I am. 

This new-found wealth of information has turned my life around! Having taken the risk to open up to Arlene and Lorna, my attitudes and behaviors began to improve. I’ve embarked on a conscious journey of healing and personal/spiritual growth. Recovery is an up-and-down course but I’m now reparenting myself and maturing emotionally. The formula they gave me was one month of solid recovery work for every year that I hadn’t been in recovery. I’m happy to note that others are responding more favorably to a 40-year old who’s now at least in his early 20s emotionally instead of reacting like an immature nine-year-old! 

I’ve been able to figure out many things about my children, as well. My son appears to be an extroverted, kinesthetic, frontal right. I can accept his need for stimulation and regularly set aside time to take him places where the action iswithout allowing my more introverted self to become overly stressed. My daughter, on the other hand, is visual, much less extroverted, and most likely a double-right. This knowledge is helping me to not only accept them for who they are but to nurture and assist them in ways that work well for their brains. 

The tools I received at The Brain Program have proven to be a treasure-trove for assisting me to live and interact with myself and others more successfully. Knowing that saying yes to one thing means saying no to another, and learning why some tasks are easier for me to do and others are much more energy-intensive is helping me to manage my life more maturely. I’m learning to set aside small blocks of time in which to accomplish left-brained tasks (that I detest) and, as a result, am having an easier time with them. I understand why I’ve procrastinated completing jobs that are finished in my mind’s eye. I can now choose to expend the effort required to complete them. 

If I’d known about The Brain Program earlier and if I’d gotten into recovery from my self-destructive behavior sooner, some of my relationships might have survived. Nevertheless, it’s now much easier to accept the consequences for my previous choices and to move forward toward healthier ones. I know I’m making progress because I’m no longer learning at the speed of pain. 

Knowing what I now understand about myself, as a direct result of attending Taylor’s The Brain Program, is proving to be a great boon. I encourage you to create the opportunity to attend one of these powerful, life-changing seminars. You’ll be glad you did and so will everyone in your life!


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