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Your brain is your greatest resource—use it by design to help you achieve health, happiness, and success!

—Arlene R. Taylor PhD

For several years my husband has been encouraging me to explore my frustration and anger. If you don’t deal with it, he said, you’re going to get sick. Little did I understand how prophetic his words could have been! 

I first heard of The Brain Program when Arlene Taylor was lecturing for IMPaX HealthPrime Inc. While speaking on the immune system, she referred to her passion for teaching about the brain. Then, last fall, some friends mentioned that they were going to give the gift of attending Taylor’s brain program to each other as a Christmas gift. That started us thinking. 

My husband encouraged me to attend even though he would be unable to attend with me. Initially, I was reluctant to register because I knew, almost intuitively, that it would rock my ship (albeit, a sinking ship). I rationalized that I couldn’t afford any more distress on my already overtaxed system. However, with encouragement, I found myself registered. 

It was with both anticipation and apprehension that I attended that first seminar. It turned out to be an incredible aha experience! Lights of understanding were turned on in so many different areas it was almost overwhelming. How amazing to understand that the additional energy expenditure required for me to live and function outside my innate brain lead could, over time, set me up to get sick—to say nothing of triggering frustration and anger. Not only that, I could do something about it. Now that’s motivation! 

With a frontal right lead I wanted to implement improvements yesterday! However, Arlene and Lorna encouraged me to begin a process of exploring activities within my innate brain lead, rather than leaping in and trying to address too many areas all at once. 

My process included having my husband attend the program, as well, so we could be in theprocess together and he could better understand the deep need for change and how it would impact our family structure. As we listenedtogether, I was surprised to discover how much more I heard the second time around. 

One of my first acts of exploring my brain lead was simply changing my hair style. I could hardly believe the freedom that came with something that simple! In addition, Arlene addressed the importance of developing competencies (skills honed through practice) in all four modes—a whole-brained strategy (while always approaching life from the position of one’s own innate giftedness). She explained how the study of music could help develop skills in all four modes. 

This spring, in line with that information, our two sons and I started piano lessons together. It has been a marvelous experience and great for the boys to be able to help mom. Those young brains seem to form new synapses much more easily.... 

I know this journey is another CANI (constant and never-ending improvement) experience. I am encouraged to be on a path to health and not sickness. Thank you to Drs Taylor and Lawrence for their mission and passion as they share these life-enhancing concepts with others. The Brain Program has made a difference in our lives. So much so, in fact, that Kathi Best and I are pleased to host it in Spokane. It’s now a bi-annual event.


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