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Your brain is your greatest resource—use it by design to help you achieve health, happiness, and success!

—Arlene R. Taylor PhD

Hardly a day goes by but that I think about brain lead and how people are wired. Since attending Dr. Arlene’s weekend seminar in Aldergrove, British Columbia last year—The Brain Programthings have just plain made more sense. A lot more sense! 

Having a Frontal-Right brain lead myself, I recognize others who struggle to keep things in order, or who don’t make much effort in this line. We are too busy coming up with creative solutions! 

As a pastor, I realized that certain activities took a great deal more energy for me to accomplish. In fact, some of them were downright exhausting. I handled crisis situations and one-time events quite easily but routine duties were another thing. I did great with crisis situations but daily duties (Basal Left) were another thing. 

Sure I did what had to be done. But inevitably I noticed that the routine repetitive duties were procrastinated and pushed to the last minute, while the new and exciting activities beckoned—and I responded. I now understand that this was a source of frustration for some of my Basal Left church members and I have done my best to keep up when and where needed. 

Knowing my own innate brain lead has allowed me to make some decisions—major decisions—without the guilt I would have felt previously. If God has wired me the way I am then God expects me to capitalize on the wiring job. 

In fact, I now believe it’s a sin for me to remain in a role where routine is constantly necessary in order to be considered successful and in order to meet the needs of the church family; needs that are best met by someone other than myself. In turn, I have gifts that others don’t possess, so why shouldn’t I follow where God has led? Becoming the person I was meant to be, and matching the bulk of my activities to what my brain does easily, is not only fun, it’s a great adventure! 

How could he leave the security of a pastor’s role and a consistent pay check to launch out into new waters? I could read this question in the eyes of my pastoral friends when they heard about my new venture. And, I must admit, I understand these thoughts. They were my thoughts at one point. 

On the other side of it, I am thrilled when I meet a pastor who has a passion to do the duties of a minister on a daily basis. I realize now that God has called such pastors to this very role. I praise God for them. But for me, I realize I am also called to another work of ministry and now launch forth with joy at His bidding. 

Knowing I have a Frontal Right brain lead, and understanding the impact of innate giftedness in relation to energy expenditure, has freed me to seek the new and unusual, to try something different, and to be confident that the Lord is leading in my life. I recommend Dr. Taylor’s seminars to everyone—and I do it often.


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