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Your brain is your greatest resource—use it by design to help you achieve health, happiness, and success!

—Arlene R. Taylor PhD

My arrival at Dr. Arlene Taylor’s brain-function seminar was via a most circuitous route. One day, I decided there might be more to life than Coca-Cola, cheeseburgers, movies and a boring job. I needed motivation! Consequently, I signed up for the McDougall program at The St. Helena Center for Health. Everything about this program was motivational—and what changed my life was an hour lecture given by Arlene Taylor. 

This lovely, inspiring woman literally mesmerized our group. The Brain! We thought this would be a boring lecture. Instead, we laughed most of the time. Arlene presented knowledge of the brain to us in a down-to-earth, reverential way. We left knowing, really knowing, that we had been given this most precious gift at birth, and hadn't even begun to use it. We all ran, literally, to sign up for her next program.  

What I wanted from her seminar was confirmation that I could handle an accounting position, which I didn't like or want but was sure this seminar would make right. Wrong! Instead, I discovered that I could risk dying an early death or perhaps go through a divorce if I continued to try and fit the round peg into the square hole. The funny thing, though, is that once you've learned the truth about your brain and how it works for you, you are not that afraid to make the necessary changes in your life. Arlene and her associates plus the BTSA (Benziger Thinking Styles Assessment) have a way of bringing you around to making the right decisions for you, which includes hard work and not magical thinking.  

The brain-function seminar began on Friday afternoon and by mid-Sunday I was composing a poem in my brain, something I hadn't done in twenty years!  

I never learned anything about forcing myself to handle accounting. And while I still have an occasional Coca-Cola and cheeseburger and still see movies, every day I invent a way to use the most precious gift we each have been given—the brain! 

P.S. This is an update, a poem I wrote entitled, Arlene Taylor.

Arlene’s work ethic and boundless energy
Creates for everyone a wonderful synergy.
She radiates a glowing personality
And tosses aside life‘s constant banalities.
All of her lectures are given with the same amount of care –
Her expertise in communicating is awesome and indeed rare.
“Living authentically” is one of her favorite expressions
And her knowledge of the brain leaves an indelible impression.
She listens to everyone’s life stories
And never lets on if it is boring!
It is a gift to be able to reach out and to give:
This is how Arlene Taylor’s life is daily lived.


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