Homophobia often involves multiple prejudices so it more accurately would be labeled homophobias. Such prejudices are not limited to heterosexuals. They can be found among homosexuals and repressed homosexuals, between gay men and lesbians. Homophobias could be described as sexism and as an uncomprehension or dislike of another type of sexuality. (Fone, Byrne. Homophobia--a History. p 6-9. NY: Picodor, 2000.)

Mirror neurons play a key7 role in sexual response and may play a role in homophobia. When people see sexually aroused genitals of thepreferred sex (e.g., opposite for heterosexuals, same for homosexuals), the brain's mirror neurons and reward centers fire. So when a heterosexual male sees two other men in sexual acts, he can't help but experience it in his mind's body, even if it is at a subconscious level. For the straight male, this is unappetizing and may make a live-and-let-live attitude more difficult to adopt. (Blakeslee, Sandra, and Matthew Blakeslee. The Body Has a Mind of Its Own. p 178-179. NY: Random House, 2008.)