By its structure the male brain is more focused than the female; the male brain is biased towards a more single-minded approach and less easily distracted. (Moir, Anne, and David Jessel. Brain Sex, the Real Difference Between Men & Women. p 96-97. NY: Carol Publishing Group, 1989, 1991.)

Males are very physically orientated when it comes to sex while females are more cerebral. A female needs to be in the mood and happy with her partner. If she’s angry with her partner (from recent or remote events) she probably will not want to have sex. (Bost, Brent W., MD, FACOG. Hurried Woman Syndrome. p 120-121. NY: Vantage Press, 2001.)

Sexual perversions (e.g., foot fetishes) are an almost exclusively male phenomenon. (U.S.NEWS & WORLD REPORT. p 52. August 8, 1988.)

For males, sex has rules and parameters. It is a pleasant task, but it still has a beginning, middle, and end. To a woman sex is more about exploration, discovery, and adventure. (Tanenbaum, Joe. Male & Female Realities, Understanding the Opposite Sex. p 108-109. NV: Robert Erdmann Publishing, 1990.)

The hypothalamus in male transsexuals is the size of the hypothalamus in the female brain or smaller. Approximately 20% of transsexuals opt to undergo a sex-change operation. One in 3-5 attempts suicide. (Pease, Barbara and Allan. Why Men Don’t Listen and Women Can’t Read Maps. p 173-186. NY: Broadway Books, 1998.)

Males tend to use sex to express physically what they can’t express emotionally (e.g., relieve tensions). They are more likely than females to fall asleep after sex as they need to recover. (Pease, Barbara and Allan. Why Men Don’t Listen and Women Can’t Read Maps. p 212-215. NY: Broadway Books, 1998.)

Males who exhibit jealousy tend to think that males should have more sexual freedom than females. Jealousy is likely to appear in a woman who places a relationship in a position of great importance, outweighing any other part of her life. (Stump, Jane Barr, PhD. What’s the Difference? p 108-109. NY: William Morrow and Company, Inc., 1985.)

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