The female brain is less arousable than the male brain and responds differently to visual/auditory arousal stimuli. Study: levels were higher in males than females after viewing an erotic film. Influenced by testosterone, norephinephrine tends to rise with hyperactivity, euphoria, self-assertion, and aggressiveness. (Durden-Smith, Jo, and Diane deSimone. Sex and the Brain. p 243-254. NY:Arbor House Publishing, 1983.)

Jealousy is likely to appear in a woman who places a relationship in a position of great importance, outweighing any other part of her life. Males who exhibit jealousy tend to think that males should have more sexual freedom than females. (Stump, Jane Barr, PhD. What’s the Difference? p 108-109. NY:William Morrow and Company, Inc., 1985.)

Magazines whose producers assumed females have interests comparable to those of males (e.g., nude male pinups) have not been a big success. Some manage to survive through sales to men. (Wilson, Glenn. The Great Sex Divide. p 70-71. England: Peter Owen Publishers, 1989.)