In general, males are more easily sexually aroused, are more adventurous when seeking for a sexual partner, and may be more open to casual sexual relationships. (Wilson, Glenn. The Great Sex Divide. p 73-74. England: Peter Owen Publishers, 1989.)

Study: Females showed physiological vaginal arousal when watching sex films but did not necessarily “feel” aroused consciously. (Durden-Smith, Jo, and Diane deSimone. Sex and the Brain. p 243-253. NY:Arbor House Publishing, 1983.)

Female brain is less arousable than the male brain and responds differently to visual/auditory arousal stimuli. Study: levels were higher in males than females after viewing an erotic film. Influenced by testosterone, norephinephrine tends to rise with hyperactivity, euphoria, self-assertion, and aggressiveness. (Durden-Smith, Jo, and Diane deSimone. Sex and the Brain. p 243-254. NY:Arbor House Publishing, 1983.)