The term “gay,” used to describe people who are conscious of an erotic preference for individuals of their own gender, probably antedates the term “homosexual” by several centuries. (Boswell, John. Christianity, Social Tolerance, and Homosexuality. p 41-50. IL: University of Chicago Press, 1980.)

(My husband) had no choice about being a homosexual. If he had, he would have chosen his marriage, family, and unique ministry. By Lyla White. (White, Mel. Stranger at the Gate: To be Gay and Christian in America. p 5-7. NY: Plume, 1995.)

Homosexuality: A brief Study by Himel Shagor In recent time and age, many passionately debated topics have come under the scrutiny of socio-biologists, trying to determine their causation and origins; one such topic is homosexuality.1 Society has two views2 of homosexuality, for this paper they are: The conservative view: • Homosexuality is an aberration, the orientation is a disorder, and the behaviour is pathological. The progressive view: • Homosexuality is a normal variant in the human condition and that homosexual behaviour is natural. [Accessed Mar 2015.]