Self-image, your mental blueprint and the foundation upon which your behavior/personality are built, is the key to health and success. It determines what is possible or impossible, what you can or cannot accomplish. It is possible to rewrite your mental blueprint by using affirmations. (Fox, Arnold, MD, and Barry Fox, PhD. Wake Up! You’re Alive! p 77-80. FL: Health Communications, 1988.)

The conscious mind may be sabotaged by the more powerful subconscious mind (self-destructive behaviors) as a direct result of early negative childhood programming. The more “you can’t messages you got as a child,” the more “you can’t” experiences you may be having in adulthood. (Lipton, Bruce, PhD, and Robert M. Williams, MA. Mind or Genes: What Controls Your Life?)

The self that now runs your life It is the result of key events that you have experienced in your life (external factors) and a process of reaction and interpretation that happens internally (internal factors). (McGraw, Phillip C., PhD. Self Matters, Creating Your Life From the Inside Out. p 43. NY: Simon & Schuster Source, 2001.)

Four general characteristics of healthy families: high self image for each person, direct/clear/specific/honest communication, flexible and appropriate rules, unafraid to relate to society. (Conway, Jim and Sally. Women In Midlife Crisis. p 114-115. IL: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., 1971.)

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