To develop optimum self-esteem you need to identify messages you received about yourself from early childhood and compare them with what you are learning about yourself in the present. (Taylor, Arlene, R., PhD, and Lorna Lawrence, PhD. Thresholds to Thriving. p 34. CA: Success Resources International, 1995 and 1998.)

Women often think and act in ways because of the messages they have received from their own family upbringing and culture. When they place themselves at the bottom of the totem pole, they follow the dictates of the generations-old Female Code of Conduct. (Shaevitz, Marjorie Hansen. The Confident Woman. p 34-36. NY: Harmony Books, 1999.)

Experiences of life are stored as memories in synaptic circuits, and can profoundly effect us for years. Therapy is a learning experience and involves changes in synaptic connections. (LeDoux, Joseph. Synaptic Self. p 262. NY: Penguin Books, 2002.)

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