The hallmark of playful relationship involves having energy in each other’s presence and the absence of toxic fatigue. The relationship increases the energy of each person rather than draining it. (Goldberg, Herb, PhD. The New Male-Female Relationship. p 197. NY: Signet Books, 1983.)

The electrical energy from your heart is transmitted to another person’s brain when you touch that person, and vice versa. We affect each other at the most basic electromagnetic level. This has huge social implications. (Childre, Doc and Howard Martin. The HeartMath Solution. p 159-160. CA: Harper SF, 1999.)

Others can drain your energy by their behaviors (e.g., lying, stealing, cheating, hurting others, refusing to cooperate, complaining frequently, acting selfishly, acting superior). (Siebert, Al, PhD. The Survivor Personality. p 74-76. NY: A Perigee Book, 1996.)

Become aware of your own energy levels and then of your family, friends, and acquaintances. You can raise your own energy levels by being in the energy field of those with higher (positive) energy. (Dyer, Wayne, PhD. The Power of Intention. p 73-80. CA: Hay House, Inc., 2004.)

Refer to Energy and the Brain for additional information.

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