Quoting from the 1995 book by Eva Jablonka and biologist Marion Lamb (Epigenetic Inheritance and Evolution—the Lamarckian Dimension): In recent years, molecular biology has shown that the genome is far more fluid and responsive to the environment than previously supposed. It has also shown that information can be transmitted to descendants in ways other than through the base sequence of DNA. (Lipton, Bruce, PhD. The Biology of Belief. p 72. CA: Mountain of Love / Elite Books, 2005.)

Once two systems come in energetic contact, they are connected forever by the infinite cellular memory of their connection. Our experiences with parents and others close to us remain within us. (Pearsall, Paul, PhD. The Heart’s Code. p 143. NY: Broadway Books, 1998.)

Mentally focus on your heart. It can help you regulate your emotions. Picture taking disturbed feelings into the heart and soaking them there. This won’t necessarily make the issue disappear, but it can take the density out of your cellular memory and reduce its power. (Childre, Doc and Howard Martin. The HeartMath Solution. p 193-194. CA: Harper SF, 1999.)

Refer to Cellular Memory (Epigenetics) for additional Information.

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