People form up to 90% of their opinion about another person within the first 4 minutes of meeting him/her, and assess physical desirability in less than 10 seconds. (Pease, Barbara and Allan. Why Men Don’t Have a Clue and Women Always Need More Shoes. p 188. NY: Broadway Books, 2004.)

Studies of both men and women: pleasant looks correlate with higher salary levels and greater advancement at all ages and in all fields. Your appearance has a direct bearing on the way you feel about yourself. (Conway, Jim. Men in Midlife Crisis. p 84-86. IL: David C. Cook Publishing, 1978, 1980.)

Grooming can impact salary levels. Study: women who are better-groomed may be offered higher salaries (e.g., 8%-20%) than the less well-groomed.(Bricklin, Mark, et al. Positive Living and Health. p 110. PA: Rodale Press, 1990.)