Music is energy. It vibrates just as the cells in the brain/body vibrate. I can be a powerful source of energy. Provides examples of how to use different types of energy to fuel your life. (Gordon, Jon, M.A. Become an Energy Addict. p 7-8. GA: Longstreet Press, 2003.)

Become conscious of the energy level of the music you listen to. Music that has harsh, pounding vibrations with repetitive, loud sounds weakens you and lowers your energy level. Similarly, the lyrics of hate, pain, anguish, fear, and violence are low energies sending weakening messages to your subconscious. If you want to attract peace and lovek then listen to the highest musical vibrations and lyrics that reflect your desires. If you want to attract violence, then listen to the lyrics of violence and make violent music a part of your life. (Dyer, Wayne, PhD. The Power of Intention. p 73-80. CA: Hay House, Inc., 2004.)

Refer to Energy and the Brain for additional information.

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