Studies using PET scans: males produce serotonin at a rate that is 52% higher than that produced by females. (Howard, Pierce J., PhD. The Owner’s Manual for the Brain. GA: Bard Press, 1994, 2000. p 334)

The male brain secretes less serotonin than the female, contributing to males being more impulsive in general, as well as fidgety. (Gurian, Michael, PhD, and Patricia Henley, with Terry Trueman. Boys and Girls Learn Differently! CA: Jossey-Bass, 2001. p 28)

Serotonin is manufactured in the body from trypotphan, found in food high in carbohydrates (cereals). Serotonin can sexually stimulate females but apparently not males. (Durden-Smith, Jo, and Diane deSimone. Sex and the Brain. NY: Arbor House Publishing, 1983. p 254-260)

Women synthesize brain serotonin at half the rate of men, which may help explain why women are more prone to depression. Serotonin circuits also grow weaker with age because neurons lose receptors needed to activate serotonin. (Carper, Jean. Your Miracle Brain. NY: HarperCollins Publishers, Inc., 2000, p 10)

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