Stories help people make sense out of the world. In fact, people dream stories. They give life to past experience, help build intellect, enable one to grasp and retain information more easily, and can educate heart and mind. (Trelease, Jim. The Read-Aloud Handbook. NY: Penguin Books, Fifth Edition, 2001, pp 56-57)

The experience of stories can lead to the development of imagination that is utilized in a wide range of intellectual activities and required for all types of problem-solving. (Healy, Jane M., PhD. Endangered Minds. NY: Simon & Schuster, 1990, pp 92-93)

Studies: when children listened to stories (e.g., on radio and made pictures in their mind’s eye) they created more imaginative endings and details then when they watched stories on television/video. (Diamond, Marian, PhD, and Janet Hopson. Magic Trees of the Mind. NY: A Dutton Book 1998, pp 220-222)

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