Three myths can be especially problematic. One: Only special people are creative. False. Every human brain contains tremendous capacities for creativity, although not every person develops those capacities. Two: Creativity involves special activities only, like art, design, or advertising. False. You can be creative at anything including math, science, engineering, sports, running, a business, and handling relationship. Three: The human brain is either creative or not. False. You can hone creativity skills and become increasingly creative in your life and work. Creativity and intelligence are first cousins, blood relatives. When you are acting creatively you tend to be acting intelligently. In a similar way, the highest form of intelligence is thinking creatively. (Robinson, Ken, PhD. p 54-60. NY: Penguin Books, 2009.)

Exposes several myths and states that three things are clear: All humans are capable of being creative; it’s not necessary to be a genius to be creative; and creativity can be re-accessed, stimulated, and developed. (Herrmann, Ned. The Creative Brain. NC: The Ned Herrmann Group, 1989, 1993, pp 182-184)

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