The creative brain involves the whole brain: the left-right-top-bottom regions with a large web of connections. (Goleman, Daniel. The Brain and Emotional Intelligence: New Insights. p 23. MA: More Than Sound, 2011)

The brain is the most variable and rapidly evolving of all human organs. Its variability must be divined, however, through unique expressions of intelligence, sensitivity, skills, and creativity. (Schramm, Derek D., PhD. The Creative Brain. p 3-5. CA: Institute for Natural Resources, Health Update. 2007.)

Results from interactions between the emotional brain, and the temporal lobes and right hemisphere of the neocortex. (pearce, Joseph Chilton. The Biology of Transcendence. VT: Park Street Press, 2002, pp 30-32)

Brainstorming and creativity are compatible brain functions. Brainstorming is a subsidiary of creativity. (Levine, Mel, MD. A Mind at a Time. NY: Simon & Schuster, 2002, pp 211-213)

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