Variations in brain organization produce special talents in some individuals and deficits in others. In fact, deficits and talents can be seen in the same person. Fundamental elements of personality (e.g., thought, feeling, action, subtleties of perception and communication) can be understandable in terms of individual differences in cognitive style--encoded in the hemispheric brain systems. (Miller, Lawrence, PhD. Inner Natures. Brain, Self & Personality. p 44-46. NY: Ballantine Books, 1990.)

Some things are easy to learn and to do. Others may be easy to learn and hard to do (e.g., tying shoelaces). Some are hard to learn and hard to do (e.g., golf). Talent is when something is easy to do and you don’t remember learning it. When you mix talent with what you love to do, you are in a state of grace. (Frare, Bob, CSP. The Legacy of William H. Gove. Professional Speaker. p 11. NSA, October 2002.)

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